When you were in hot pursuit of the "American Dream" you were excited about the future and owning your own home -- researching neighborhoods, searching MLS sites on the internet, viewing homebuyer’s magazines full of appealing homes that were just "minutes from the beach" with "fantastic views" and "cozy family rooms."

Next came the really good stuff – looking at houses. Full of imagination and optimism for the future, you wandered about each home envisioning a happy and contented life for you and your family. The first house might have been "too big," and another was "too small," but finally you found one that was "just right."

So you made an offer and waited anxiously and excitedly for the counter-offer. Finally, you and the seller agreed on terms and you bought yourself a brand new home!

Congratulations! Break out the champagne and celebrate!


Later that night or perhaps the next day, you started worrying.

Did you make the right decision? Can you afford it? Is it the right time? Should you have waited? What if you lose your job? What if this happens? What if that happens? Anxiety and stress set in. Sleep may be hours in coming.

This is a normal reaction to buying a home. It is called "buyer's remorse."

This is what you do...

Take out a pen and paper right now and draw a line down the center of the paper. Calmly and logically, think of all possible advantages to buying a home and write them down on one side of the page. Afterwards, you should list all the disadvantages on the other side of the paper.

This process is supposedly how Ben Franklin used to weigh tough decisions.

After you get done writing your lists, you may think back on your anxiety and think you were being silly. After all, buying a home is obviously a good decision. Your list proves it. But your reaction was normal and shared by many. You see, buying a home is not entirely a rational process. It is an emotional process, too.

You will not be totally stress-free, but it will help.

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